Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 3, Phi Phi Island day 3 in Phuket! ^^
p/s: This entry contains 83 photos

Things needed for snorkeling and seaside
That's my new bikini, bought on Friday, Day 1

Early in the morning, we just woke up

Do you see people wearing contact lenses to seaside? I mean, swimming, snorkeling or whatever activities into the big blue sea, no right? Unless for people who only pose for photos la..
Sigh...this was why I wore glasses for the full day in Phi Phi Island, and half blind when I posed for photos.

This was the van, drove us from Patong to the jetty.
The cushion is green, shocking

45 mins later, we reached the jetty
In the big boat

We bought a tour package to Phi Phi Island and Maya, due to the weather and big waves, the trip to Maya has been canceled, I was very disappointed, because we passed by Maya, but didn't get to do snorkeling there :(


Just like a painting ;)

It took about an hour to reach Phi Phi Island

The sun was big, you can hardly see my eyes :P

We moved to another boat, to small Phi Phi for snorkeling
In the smaller boat

Hehehe, that's my Vincci shopping bag :P

Not much about snorkeling
After snorkeling, we got in the boat, and went back to Phi Phi Island for lunch

Our foods

We have some time to spend on the beach after meal

Looked silly in this one

Applying sunscreen


Kevin's turn

It was me helping Kevin to apply lotion

He couldn't stop taking my photos...
Where is my eyebrow? What the heck...
I should apply some make up to look better. Anyway, I still like these photos :)

Our cameras aren't waterproof, we actually bought a waterproof camera in Patong last night, it's use-and-throw type, can only take up to 30+ photos. Photos taken using that camera will be posted end of this entry.

Going back to Phuket

Yeah, the lady in blue towel is me.
Blue isn't my favourite color, that bikini was blue because they only have blue for that design, and I like the design and printings. My towel is blue because it was actually from Michell, and my slippers were blue because Kevin's mum bought that color. So...I was so blue wearing so blue for that blue blue sea in the blue blue day

All on board!

"Ice cream ice cream"

We met this couple, they are from Egypt
Friendly :)

With my poor baby...sometimes he has seasick :(


Alright, these are the photos taken using an use-and-throw film camera, we printed these photos in Phuket, thought to post some of it :) Erm, I don't have a scanner
The picture quality isn't that good, but it's better than no photos :P

hahaha, the not-so-slim violet
I don't care la!

Check Kevin's expression, LOL! :P
Made ma laugh

-END of Phi Phi Island-



laverew said...


Great pictures............nice swim suit, you sure don't look fat to me.............If I was Kevin I would take a lot of photos of you also.......