Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Last night" in Phuket

The night before we left the beautiful Phuket Island :)

This is me, in front of our room, I love my leopard short dress :P

We took Tuk Tuk, wanted to go for Special show before we leave the island tomorrow, but...28th of July is their election! So, no alcohols, no shows :(

In Tuk tuk

My dress was too short, all of the ladyboys that night hated me, LOL! :P

We had our dinner in Pa Noi, the same restaurant we went last night

Take 1

Take 2

While waiting for foods


Spicy soup
It didn't look spicy at all

Grilled squids

Traditional Thai food (sorry I forgot the name)

Thai style fried scrambled eggs with shrimps

After dinner,
Candid snapshots ;)

This girl is from...I forgot!!!
But 100% she is not Thai :)
she sold me some good and cheap stuff :P

At night,
These were what we bought over these few days
Thai silk dresses (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!)
All MINE!!! Hahahaha
I bought 8, should have bought more, the prices of the dresses were affordable :(

9 "local-style" bags
For my family members and his mum...and violet

2 genuine leather sling bags from Findig, 1 leather wallet for Kevin
Why we bought so much of leather goods?
Simply because the store has got promotion :)

3 pairs of genuine leather sandals for Kevin
It's very comfortable, and good quality, andddd good price :P

T-shirts for my brother, his dad and his uncle

Polo T for my dad and his brother

My Elle Bikini I wore in Phi Phi Island, 1 baby blue and 1 black color sexy swimsuit (correction, it's called monokini):P
And one dress-like swimsuit

That's all!
I love shopping in Bali and Phuket, because I always get good price.
Can't help...they love me, that's why always give me discounts discounts and more discounts :P
Really!!!!! No kidding, HOW TO HAGGLE PRICES? Bring me together, but first you have got to pay for my flight ticket :P




laverew said...


I had to comment after seeing you in your leopard dress. It is absolutly beautiful. You really make that dress look good. Also I see that you bought some new dresses, can't wait to see you in them. Did Kevin like your leopard dress? Here if you went out in that dress your date would have to carry a bat to keep the men off of you.


violetmay said...

Hi Larry
I have another leopard long dress, actually I love these kind of printings :)
Yes Kevin likes it, he was the one who insisted me to buy one :P

laverew said...

Hello again,

Kevin has real good taste, that short leopard dress is a knockout. Maybe one day we will get lucky and get to see you in the long leopard dress.