Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bye, Phuket

Day 4 / Last day in Phuket :)

We woke up quite late, about 9am (erm...not really late)
Didn't go far, because our flight is 1 plus, so we were just hanging around Patong and took some photos. I realized every time I wear nicely, Customs will check my luggages, maybe they are afraid I buy stocks (to sell in Malaysia) or something like that, so now I will wear as casual as I can for my return flight. Believe me, they won't check...

You see, I used to wear nicely for every return flights but Bali, I only wore a t-shirt and casual short pants, surprisingly the customs didn't check my luggages (for the first time in my life!), so I decided to try it again for my Phuket return flight...again, they didn't check! :D
Maybe I think too much, hahahaha

TOUCH WOOD, I hope they won't check my la, I didn't buy anything I shouldn't buy, it's just troublesome to unlock luggages and wait until they finish the checking. As simple as that ;)

Some photos

WIndy day

LOL, Kevin is good in jumping :P

Bangla Police 'Box'?

Bi-boo, bi-boooo

Welcome to hu huu...I'm going home today :'(


So in love with it :P

My round round face


Only photos and photos.. :)

Our foot prints..

Subway is just next to our hotel :)

Our breakfast..

I was too aggressive huh?

Went straight to air-port after breakfast

Apparently, Kevin was still hungry

Phuket Cafeteria

I bought him food

Roasted Pork Rice

Colors of this public phone is...impressive

Flying off..
Bye bye, Phuket

welcome to Malaysia!
Hahahaha, yes, this is Malaysia :)

I wonder who lives there?
I want to live there too :(



laverew said...

Your in a t-shirt and shorts and still look beautiful. I got a laugh out of Kevin's shorts on the beach (his rolled up pants).


Mike said...

I like the footprints in the sand picture.

And you're right. The telephone's colors are... impressive. :)

violetmay said...

Hi Larry, yeah the picture is really funny. It's all because he didn't bring enough shorts! :P

Hello Mike! I like the sand picture too, thank you for liking it :)