Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pavilion with Eling, and Darlings

Today, I supposed to meet up my friend, Hwei Chen. But she couldn't make it, so I went to The Pavilion with Eling, my sista :)

Eling should meet her boy friend (named Andy) for his birthday dinner after his work (special case, needed to work until 530pm), but actually Andy's birthday is on Tuesday, but they thought to celebrate it today. Since I have nothing to do at home, I decided to take a walk with Eling.

We bought movie tickets "The Mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor" at 930pm, same show same time but different cinema hall ;) not we concerned about this, but they only have few tickets left for the show. We expected the gentlemen will reach at 9pm.

Before the arrival of the VIPs, I couldn't stop taking photos of the mall and my sister.
My sister is so sweet and cute, isn't she? :)

Don't say I'm wrong, I will kill you!!! Hmmmmpf! :P

Some photos we took, by self-timer :)

I like this the most! ^^
Our teeth weren't yellow :P

We visited Ket in Paris Miki, in Lot 10 ^^
I missed her much
It was me intended to give her a kiss, she looked so happy (or scared?)
Hahahaha :D

Dinner time
"What do you want to eat? I treat you!"
That's really very kind of my sister :P

Kim Gary Sg. Wang

Our cheesy mushrooms and seafood cheese baked rice, hoo hooo! :P

Complimentary pudding

Mango and red beans smoothies

"Please please...can I eat now? I'm starving" :'((

"Hmmm...okay, I'm done with photos!"

"Yuppe, my foot, opps, foods" :P

After meal :)

920pm, the two gentlemen reached

In the cinema

The show was "okay", I think mummy 1 and mummy 2 were much more, ahem, nicer ;)
Maybe my expectation to the show was a little too high huh?
Anyway, Michelle Yeoh is the best! ^^

Eling and Andy went for a romantic dinner after the show, Kevin and I didn't want to be "big light bulbs", we went to Rainforest sport club instead :)

We ordered a jug of Sangria
I don't really like it, however, I drank lots.

Kevin seldom drink, he looked blur after 2 glasses of Sangria.
Good huh? I don't have to worry he will spend all of his money on liquors :P

45 mins later, we were in CoffeeBean
His face was sooo red, guessed he has a fever :P

"Don't...don't take my photo"

'm great, except the newly popped out pimples on my cheek :(