Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top Designer in Town

I was doing spring cleaning for my photo albums, something caught my attention...

I took a photo last year after had a very good LAUGH with my family members, guess why?
My father decided to join United Overseas Bank logo design contest (something like that, can't really remember the objective of the contest)

At first, my mum asked me to design it,

"I don't want, I'm lazy...
by the way it's hard to create a good logo, which draws people's attention" Me said

"I'm not free..." followed by my sister

"Never mind, who wants you to design it? I will do it myself" My dad

After a few minutes...

I think my design is very nice!!! Come and check it!" it was my dad asked us to see his 'creation'

Nobody really went to check the design but my mum

"Huh? So...

I think my design is very cool...ya know?!" My dad was disturbed

"It's really ugly, you better don't join!!! People will laugh at you!"

"I don't think so!!"

"Ah May, you come and see your dad's design, quick!" My mum called me (my family members call me Ah May)

I remember I was in the middle of online chit-chatting, but I was curious about the design. Why mum's reaction was so strong...big?


(-_-")... ......

After have a quick look, suddenly I understand my mum's feeling...I totally agree with my mum, HAHAHAHAHA
My sisters and I laughed to death, rolling on the floor and our tears burst out instantly


" you think it's really ugly?...I think it's special!!" My dad wasn't giving up

"No no no, it's too special, please go to submit it yourself" Nobody wanted to represent my dad

"'s okay, you go to submit it okay?" dad started to feel... :P

Anyway, I forgot to submit the form by the end of the day, maybe

We have a top designer in our family...

Ta da~

I wonder why UOB never call my dad to collect the prize?

Have a good laugh :P