Saturday, August 9, 2008

New hairdo


My hairdo

I didn't perm it straight, because my hair was too dry, need to cut 5 inches (In fact Cray (my hair stylist) cut more than 5 inches)...I thought straight hair goes very well with long hair, so ;)

I tied it, still nice right? ^^
With my dearest niece, Hue Ru
Michell brought them over today

I like my hairdo ^^

My niece and nephew were here for the whole day, here are some photos of them ^^
This would be his passport photo, muahahahaahaha :P

Why so serious? :P

He is cuteee

Big small feet ;)


Okay, Hue Ru's turn
She loves flowers, just like most of the girls ^^

Hehehehe, naughty naughty ^^
But I still love her