Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm dishonest to myself

I really don't like you, why I want to force myself to like you?

Do you have any people around you, like to 'copycat' whatever things you do? Your style...what you do, what you like or basically everything involved you. I have a few around me. Believe me, I'm really sick of these, I'm not proud of it, not at all.

Sigh, I don't understand why celebrities love when people 'copycat' them (I assumed they like, to show they are famous, what the heck..)

There was a girl that I know perhaps 2 years ago, she really dislike me. BUT, she loved to 'copy' me. Today, I wore a yellow dress, tomorrow, she went to BUY a yellow dress and wore in front of me. Ooh yeah, I'm too sensitive.

2 days later, I wore a baby blue dress, tomorrow she went to BUY a baby blue dress and wore in front of every people. What the fcuk? Ookay, I'm too sensitive.

A week later, I wore a raffles top, she went to buy another similar one and wore it the next day. FINE, I'm too sensitive.

Whatever things I do today, tomorrow she will do the things I just did. What the fcuk? I don't think it's funny.

If you think she likes me, you are totally WRONG. She disliked me, because she felt I was quite a popular person and lots of people like to talk to me, that's why, she disliked me. I'm not like her, she flirted around, wanted to get more attention. People talked to me was because I'm sincere and friendly (LOL!). I turned around and she flirted with the exact same person who talked to me just now, what the heck?

I talked to PEOPLE, not because of their gender, height, appearance etc. She only talked to handsome boys. Don't blame me, everybody knew you only have good looking dudes in your eyes. When a fatty talked to me, suddenly you became very friendly to him.
(-_-")... ......
I'm not blind; I'm not deaf

I left the company, and glad I don't have to see her everyday. I hate quarreling, I quarrel with nobody. Days in the company was dreadful, because I have to smile at her and greet her every morning although I DISLIKED her. Hey, I did try to like her, but it's too hard to force yourself to like somebody
...Who showed her shit face to you every morning, and when you said "hello", she didn't even bother to look at you and say "HI".
...She talked to you but look at the other person, as if you are not there. But hey you are 'talking' to me right?!
...She invited EVERYBODY for lunch but "Sorry, we don't have enough seats, I didn't count you in", I was left alone.
...She didn't Thank me for birthday present I gave her. (No, I didn't expect anything from her, but I have to admit I was quite disappointed, is "Thank you" a heavy word?)

1) She was the first who copycat me until I puke everyday.
2) She was the first lady who disliked me. (I have a lot of friends, it's very hard to find somebody dislike me, I'm always good to people around me, from the bottom of my heart)
3) After all these things she did to me, she finally...became the first person I dislike for my whole life (at that moment).

I was silly right?
I should have asked her,
"Why you dislike me?"
But, no...she'll never admit (maybe she HATE me, not DISLIKE me)

Anyway, I left the company, everybody was unhappy except her. Good news for her.

As I said, she was the 1st person who copycat me, after this lady, I discovered there are few more people started to copycat me. I don't understand, I'm not attractive, I'm not stylish, I'm not special, what the fcuk are you copying?

I do this today, you do this tomorrow

And what's more, these people are actually my friends, andddd, they like me and I like them too (this is the worst case, how to dislike your friends?). Now don't ask why I started to dislike them, okay?

Just close your eyes and imagine...there is another person who will do what you are doing right now tomorrow. Confusing?

No, it's not a kind of "sharing", it's not like

"Hey, this dress is very cute! I'm going to buy something like this tomorrow"

For this, I'm fine, and I will encourage her to buy one immediately, so we can wear it together!

"Eeeee...I won't like this kind of outfit"

Tomorrow, she bought something similar and showed everybody, she may not like it, but she bought it just because I HAVE.
Sigh, I really don't understand these people.

The abovementioned is merely a very simple example, there are lots you can or you can't imagine, it's creepy when it comes to the end...

I really, really dislike people who copycat me.
Have your own style and life, leave me alone!

I'm such a b*tch, for back-stabbing you



Unknown said...

Wow. You seem a bit upset. :)

Hopefully, such things will lessen as the people around you mature a little more. Hopefully...

violetmay said...

Hi Mr.Burnt.
I'm not 'a bit' upset, I'm actually very upset, hahaha ;)

laverew said...

Here it has been said that when a person copies you that it is an act of flattery, but I would not like it very much, either, if someone was to copy me all of the time.......young lady you are a very beautiful women, both inside and outside, just look at all of the friends you have around the world.....


Eddiewls said...

Cheers Lady Violet....

violetmay said...

Hello Larry :))
All of us are unique...sometimes I just don't understand why people love to do something to please or to hurt others. I think I shouldn't complain much, it's good to appreciate people around me, life is merely 2 digits ;)))
Thank you for the visit! I really appreciate ^^

Hi eddie!