Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mentally exhausted

Yesterday I watched 2 movies with Kevin, Death Race and Pathology.

Death Race at 5:45pm; Cinema 1, A10 and A11
Pathology at 9:45pm; Cinema 1, A8 and A 9

After I watched these movies, I felt very weird and I was really tired, mentally.
I have a small conclusion.
We are animals, we don't need reasons to kill.

Is that true?
If money is not a problem, if there is no courts, no police officers no lawyers, no rules and regulations, no constitutions, no nothing, who will you kill?

I tell you, who I'll kill

Basically, no one
Are you disappointed?
Did you expect me to say I will kill someone you hate? Yeah, so you don't have to do it yourself.

But my answer is, I will not kill anyone.
Because we will die one day anyway, it's just a matter of time and how.
Die young, die old, die happily, die with pride, die in a war, die after raped, die after robbed, die...what the fcuk, just die.

So why kill the people you hate?
They will die one day, just like you and me.
After you kill them, police officers will arrest you and send you to prison, or maybe hang till death.

You hate somebody, are you seriously wanting to take their lives?
Will you be happy after you kill them?
We are human, not animals...we have feelings, we have emotions, we use brains to think. I guess I'm a little alright, don't know why I came out with that scary conclusion earlier.

There are some people I really HATE, who are they?
They couldn't control their dicks, that's why they rape. Some rapists even worst, rape and kill. Because of lust, they ruin somebody's life. To me, rapists are animals, perhaps worst than any animals. If I'm someone, I will make an order, for rapists, I will chop of their dicks, fry, boil and force themselves to eat, swallow their own dicks.

I have too many ideas...posting it all up seems to be a very nasty option, I'd better stop now.

Rapists, God bless you...

Friends, don't worry :)
I'm just mentally destroyed after the movies, watch it and feel it yourself.
Killings is not good, don't kill yourself or others, that's my final conclusion ;)