Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Port Dickson- Bye!

Last day of my Port Dickson trip :)

Early in the morning..

I wanna play kites too :(

In Aqua Marina for breakfast buffet

This restaurant is quite nice, but RM38++ (after service tax and govrn tax would be RM43.70) is definitely not worth it, because foods served were quite AHEM. Too many guests and too little foods, I think I only ate RM2 -_-"
I lined up for bloody 45 minutes for an omelet, and we even forced to stand at the counter and wait for waiters and waitresses to replenish foods, if not, you wouldn't have any foods to eat. Let's say the restaurant has got 100 people, but foods prepared were only enough for 30 pax. Crazy...really a waste of money.
Some people got a lot of foods, because they were thick face, fought for foods...pushed people, squeezed your backside (Hahahaha, kidding)

These were the only foods we got, after this more foods for me, can you imagine all of us eating this little foods? -_-"
These photos were taken after after 10am, that's why NO patrons

I swear I didn't touch this plate, although it was in front of me. I thought they will replenish foods every few minutes, but I was terribly wrong

At the end of the day, I only got one plate of food, which is shown in this picture. RM43.70 for this little foods. Hu huuu... :'(((

Guess what? I was still happy that time, because I thought delicious foods were coming, but after waiting 45 minutes for my omelet (and the omelet ended up in my dad's tummy), I gave up


After breakfast :)
Actually Guoman is a very nice hotel, but they definitely need more part time staff during peak season.

This photo is very Ah Lian, very old-fashioned. HAHAHAHAHA :P
It was because of the umbrella...

This is nicer :P

Mum was so happy

I love my parents ^^

And my sister Eling is cute too :D

Joan wasn't there for photos, because her friend called and told her her lecturer just passed away (in fact the lecturer was from another university, not Joan's lecturer), made her cry, eyes looked like plums...that's why she didn't want to take photos.

My turn
Posing with tree :D

See see, my dad is really naughty

Be careful!!

Peace :P

Hiyak...why I looked like that?
Rock made a very lousy sofa


Weird, you can't see my eyes.
Somehow I still like this photo ^^



Finally, Joan is back! ^^

I really love to crop my photos

Because I have very small nose :'(((
Need to crop my photo to distract myself from being so sad
Why my nose is so small? I always complain about my button nose.
but secretly I think it's not a big deal, I still can breath even though my nose is so button :P

Hey don't steal the show!!!
Someone was digging nose :P

While I was waiting for them to pack in the balcony...
"May, don't move! Where is your camera?" mum

"Huh? Why?
My camera is on the table"

"Okay wait, I want to take a photo of you sitting like this
Don't look at me, just pretend you were thinking"



I was so happy with the photo, the best photo of the whole series ^^
I just discovered my mum is a very good photographer!
Another one

After that, I used self-timer and snapped one with my beloved mama ^^

In da room
Dead fish...

Couldn't breath!
They were too heavy

Sweet :)


My brother Weng looked funny here :P

We love you, mummy :)

Going home!

Now you see how many rooms we booked ;)

Bye, Guoman Hotel ^^
You are wonderful!

P/S: I will appreciate if you serve better breakfast buffet next time :P



laverew said...


Beautiful women in your family......Your mother's photo's of you are very good (of course her subject is beautiful).


Mocho Doce said...

Hi. I started a blog last month too, but I don't have enough time for everything unfortunaly.

You blog is great and your family trip must have been really nice.

Kiss Kiss

Vivyane from flickr

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful place to vacation VV. I enjoyed seeing pics of your family too :)

violetmay said...

I'm sure they will be delighted if I told them, women love compliments :P

Wow I'm really happy to see you here. I hope to know more about your life, keep in touch ^^
Hugss and mmmuackks :D

It was a very happy trip, I didn't travel with my family members for years, I really appreciate this Port Dickson trip, it means a lot! ^^

Mike said...

Hi Violet!

It looks like you had a great trip, and recovered from the poor buffet. I would have been very grumpy all morning unless someone found something to snack on. :P Breakfast is my favorite meal, and a buffet only makes it better. Unless...

Larry's right. Your sisters are very cute. Seeing your mom, it's easy to see where it comes from.

violetmay said...

Hi Mike! ^^
Breakfast is my favourite meal too, I won't be guilty even after a heavy breakfast, but if it's dinner...then it's different story ;)
I love my mum, I'm sure she will be very happy to hear the compliment from you! :D

gabriele said...

Hello Violet last night I saw the photos on your blog, I liked it a lot your photos, you have a beautiful family, and you see that you are very united and we want good, very good this, photos of your face is very beautiful.
Good day

violetmay said...

Hello Gabriele, thank you for stopping by my blog, you hope you enjoy reading it :)
Have a happy day