Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Eve in Bintang Street


Where did you go on Merdeka Eve?
I went to see Ket, she has a present for me which she bought in her Taiwan trip, hehee! ^^
She is always my favourite friend, I know I'm her favourite too, hahaha :D

See, she was so happy!

Us 2 :)

It was Merdeka Eve, really crowded in Bukit Bintang, which I really don't like (now). I used to be one of the youngsters...Time really flies, I still remembered the night I hang out with Cynthia and her course mates few years ago, celebrating Merdeka Eve together. Hmmm...wait, it was New Year Eve, hahaha! Maybe my old old heart will "re-ACTIVE" again when we hang out together again :P



It was only around 9pm plus, not 11pm.
Duh....I couldn't imagine if it was 11pm (Ready to count down!!), I guarantee there would be 10 times more youngsters and "oldsters" than these photos. LOL!

Hello, I didn't join them

Don't know why, recently I really dislike make-up. I'll never be good in make-up.
Previously, I applied foundation and mascara when I went out (it was a must!), today...I only applied Olay's lotion, that's it. And, I wear glasses (I took out my glasses when I snapped photos). 9 out of 10 people said I looked like an old maid when I put my glasses on, and I agreed.
So, what happened to me?

These are the possible reasons:
1st, I think I look good although I don't make-up (must have self-confident maaaa)
2nd, maybe it was after my "swollen-eyed" incident?
3rd, Kevin will marry me, so I don't have to worry (MUAHAHAHA, no, I'm just kidding, this is not the reason)
4th, I'm lazy (now, this is one of the reasons)
5th, I think I should let my eyes rest for a period of time, after wearing contact lenses for so many years, my eyes are quite sensitive and dry. (OOH yes, this is the main reason!) When I wear glasses, I wouldn't bothered to make myself prettier or nicer, so why make-up?
6th, I hate my body shape, I gained weight and the scale number just wouldn't come down! No need to be pretty with big ass.

Back to the Merdeka Eve

My sweetheart, who didn't realize I didn't make up for days until I asked him that day
(-_-")... ......
This is why I said I will never be good in make-up, SEEEE, people wouldn't realize my "piece of art"

Cops on duty

The Golden Triangle,
Bukit Bintang

Our National flag
31st of August, 1957
A memorable day :)

Walking to The's only 5 minutes walk from Sg. Wang
On the way

Finally, we reached The Pavilion :)
We bought movie tickets and had our dinner in Glitters next door




The movies I mentioned last night :)
You Don't Mess with The Zohan and The Guru Love
Yessss...we watched 2 shows on that night!


Some photos while waiting for our foods :))

Finally.. :)
Portuguese Fried Rice

I like their cutlery, so cute and special! ^^
But it's...heavier than the conventional type

The shows are insanely crazy, really, really funnyyyy, if you are unhappy today, go and watch it, have a good laugh! :D
'm sure you will sleep well tonight, ooh but maybe will have a nightmare :P

At home, on the same night...
Gift from Ket :)

It's violet! ^^
I think it's a crystal, very beautiful! :D

Thank you sweetie, this gift really means a lot to me :)))

Have a good night, I just came back from Port Dickson with my family members and relatives, will blog about it later :)

I'm so tired right now!