Friday, September 19, 2008

Cave of the golden rose

Do you know this movie?
Have you watched this series before?
Cave of the golden rose

I used to like Kim Rossi Stuart a lot.
I still like him, but not as crazy as previously when I was younger. Hehehe! I didn't mean I fall for him, just the movie Cave of the golden rose was too great, made me dreamt of him every night. Hahaha!

By the way, Alessandra Martines is cool too! ^^

I heard the soundtrack from radio when I was on the way home after dinner with some ladies... which reminded me this movie. I still remember the story quite well, anyway I don't know if my feelings will still be the same if I watch it again after so many years. Should I take the risk? LOL :P

Maybe I should keep this beautiful story in my mind, and not watch it again.

Enjoy :)

The lyrics :)

Mio Nemico - Music by Amedeo Minghi

Chi amo ed ama me
Mio nemico amaro gioia
L'amor non ha piu pieta
e nemico mio
Ma che amo puo ferirsi se
Si aprira la ferita in noi

Dal petto l'amina
Puo fuggirgli ed io
La colgo io la rapiro
E sara mia e la mia la sua
Mio nemico sa d'amare me
Tu lo sai che ferita e

col raspiro a me
A te cutturero
Col primo e l'ultimo

Mio nemico sei
Tutto il bene mio
Col cuore e l'amina

Anche tu lo sei
Che ferita e
Lo sai

Lo t'amo e tu ami me
Mio nemico e bene mio
L'amor non ha piu pieta
e ferita in noi.


The one whom I love,loves me
My enemy bitter joy
The love doesn't have pity anymore
He is my enemy
But what hook can hurt him if
It will open the wound in us

From the breast, the soul
Can run away from him and I
I gather her I will abduct her
And it will be mine and from me his
My enemy knows to love me
You know that wound is

With the breath to me
You and I will capture
With the first one and the last

My enemy you are
All of my good
With the heart and the soul
Also you are him/it
What wound it is
You know

I love you and you love me
My enemy is my purity
The love doesn't have pity anymore
It is the wound in us.

Hmmmm...maybe I should find DVD of the movie and watch it again :)



debb13 said...

ahhh! i remember this show!! romualdo is his name right?? yes yes, he's very very handsomeee...

u should watch it again!! hehe! aaah, memories...

Dr V said... dreamt of him every night, but you didn't fall for him, huh? Well, sounds like someone is in denial over there!!!!! hahahaa Have a great weekend Violet. Regards to Kevin too.

violetmay said...

Yeah yeah yeah!!!
He is ramualdo ^^
I think not much people know about this story, hehee, we should watch it again someday :P

dr v
LOL! don't tell others, it's my secret :P

Unknown said...

I loved that TV serise verty much.find this web page when I search for the Tv show. Even I am too old to fairytales now,I still remember the story.both prince & princssec were nice.
also Taeabaz too. but Romualdo is the best.

violetmay said...

Hello Chatu,
It's great to meet you!
I'm happy to know I wasn't the one and only loving that movie series...sigh, I wonder if I could find the DVD in any stores :(