Sunday, September 21, 2008

Judee and Ming Giet's wedding luncheon

In Flower Drum Banquet a.k.a. 名人, Jalan Bukit Bintang

This is actually a small box for chocolates, I forgot to take a photo before I eat...

Lots of people got them married this year, scary.. :P

The lady in red cheongsam is Judee's mum, I took a photo with her, but it was all Nicholas' fault, his shaky hands...HMMM!

Nicholas and Judee

Hu hu...the same thing happened again, my photo with Judee is blurrr, it's all because of Nich! He dared to say his takes beautiful photographs pula

Ming Giet, Judee's hubby ;)

The crowds

Ming Giet's parents :)

My table number, 30

Judee is my ex classmates (college), basically, people sitting in this table are all my classmates, including 2 lecturers :)
Stanley and Wai Hoong
Don't you agree Stanley looks like a Cartoon character, lol! :P

Stanley and Wai Hoong used to fetch us (Judee, Shirley, Anna, Erica, Ping and I) to Beach Club, that was 6 years back, when I was 18. Hahahaha. But today, Shirley is married and living in Australia, Anna is in Johor, Erica is in Malacca, Ping is in Indonesia (She is Chinese born in Indonesia, she wanted to come but her parents are in China).

Do guys normally take advantage of girls if she's drunk?
Most probably, YES

But, NOT Stanley and Wai Hoong.
You can call them stupiak, silly idiots etc, but they are very nice guys, never never take advantage of us :) And what's more, they took very good care of us, fetched us home and made sure we didn't go home with other guys. HaHahahahaha. Oh well, that was 6 years back, now I only go to clubs once or twice in a year.

Wai Hoong and I
Why I have oily skin? Shit

Wai Hoong the sleepy head, Violet the violet, Nicholas the high school boy

Daniel and Kek Wa (is this spelling correct?)

Chua and his silky smooth (I refer to her hair) girl friend
Hu hair was silky smooth too :'(


Right to left, Mr. Lai, a.k.a. Loon Chai, Mr. Alexis, a.k.a. Ah Beng :P
Me. I have had short hair, much more chubbier and looked like a tomboy few years back, Mr. Alexis was like "OMG, another tyre punctured" when he saw me. What made him said "another tyre punctured?" Well...Nicholas was triple his current size, Bohoooo! So he is the first "tyre punctured". :P
Gagaga, it's quite confusing, I know

After we snapped this, immediately Ah Beng took my camera and checked back the photo we just took...
"Ooh, photos"

"Hmm, what?"

"You look nicer in photos"

I wanted to kill him!!! Okay la I know I'm not pretty, cilaka

"But you are photogenic"

"Yeah, I know I look nicer in photos, that's why I will never want to meet net friends, hahahahaha"

Sigh, if you think I'm not pretty in photos, then I'm sure you will run away when you meet me in real person okay? If you think I'm not photogenic and look sucks in photos, DIE, that means I'm a 100% pork chop, HAHAHAHAHA! :P
That's the story, that's the fact


Ah Beng and Loon Chai :P

Foods foods foods
1st dish, Flower Drum Four Combination
Flower Drum Four Combination

2nd, Braised Shark's fin soup with dried scallop and crab meat
Braised shark's fin soup with dried scallop and crab meat

3rd, Roasted Chicken with spicy sauce
Roasted Chicken with spicy sauce

4th, Steamed river Patin with preserved vegatables
Steamed river patin with preserved vegetables

5th, Deep fried white prawn with salt and pepper
Deep Fried White Prawn with salt and Pepper

6th, Braised mixed vegetables with fish maw and oyster sauce
Braised Mixed vegetables with Fish maw and oyster sauce

7th, Hong Kong style steamed glutinous rice with waxed meat
HK Style steamed glutinous rice with waxed meat

That was Nich, trying hard to steal the show :P

Wine-toasting a.k.a.Yam Seng ceremony

Cake cutting

Serving our 2nd last dish

8th, Sweetened white fungus with Chinese herbs
Sweetened white fungus with chinese herbs

9th, Sweet double delights
Sweet double delights

All of us, with Bride and Groom

End of the event
With Alexis

With Ah Lai


Nich...we are both 24, but how come he looks younger than me?
By the way, he is a very friendly person himself, and...he a make up artist and he even teaches make-up! I should get some tips from him :)

Before we left :)

Hey Judee, I wish you a very happy life with the love of your life, Ming Giet

With lots of LOVES,



laverew said...


I think that your men friends are secretly in love with you, can't say that I blame them.....


violetmay said...

Oh goodness, what makes you say that? Hmmm...the answer is no no no. You think too much, Larry ;)

laverew said...

Hello again,

No thinking ivolved on my part, just look at your photo's, I know that they all love you.......that is not a bad thing.........


Elle Lina said...

Violet, many ppl attended the wedding. How i wish i can attend also. Perhaps have to wait for my wedding to invite all of them only hehe.....

Mine will be in September 2009 date had fixed. How about urs? DO update me ya! Take care!

violetmay said...

Hey Lina!
I wished you were there too, I'm sure they would love to attend your wedding dinner next year, in fact I'm looking forward to it :)
Please let me know which date, I will book that day especially for you, you only :D