Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New toy in my boring office

Kevin bought a toaster oven from Harvey Norman, they are running a promotion, cheap stuff! :)

Yesterday, Kevin and I bought some breads, tuna, cheese, butterhead lettuce, and strawberry jam to welcome the toaster oven :P

This is a very healthy (and boring) entry, hahaha
Our 1st bread, testing testing

Butterhead lettuce, good for salad and sandwiches, heee!

Bread in Bunny style

This is Kevin's...
toast with strawberry jam

And cheese, anddd lettuce

Very...weird combinations...
I...yucked looking at it, I didn't understand his taste, maybe he loves weird things, this was why he chose me, LOL :P

But to be frank, it tasted alright!

..with Spicy tuna and lettuce

It looked normal
Just like something you and I will love to eat. But no surprises ;)


P/S: Make sure you won't look like me when you eat, hahaha

At night...
My favourite place, de pastry chef :) pepper bla bla bla

Black pepper chicken chop with rice

Mooncake festival is near the corner...

Ooh my...
They sell jelly mooncake! ^^

Kevin bought me 4 mooncakes... :))
The packaging is not attractive at all, but the "inside" counts most! ^^

Tomorrow I'm going to make grilled sausages with the toaster oven! :P