Monday, September 29, 2008

Lonely apartment waiting for its new owner

Apartment for sale, hahahaha!

Last Friday, went to Kevin's apartment in Gombak area, it was my first visit to this apartment. Kevin used to stay here on weekdays back to his Uni time, after that his uncle lived here for 6 years, and he just shifted out recently.

Nobody is staying in this apartment, so it's old and lonely :'(
Kevin decided to find somebody to take care of it, gagagaga, sounds weird..."take care of it"? :P

Here are some photos
"I know I'm old, nobody wants me, huhuhu...I'm old and worn out"
see, it's crying

2 bedrooms, 1 storeroom, 2 washroom and a balcony

Don't ask me anything about blue and green thingy, it was his uncle's idea and he painted it alone! ;)

When Kevin was busy sweeping floor and wiping things, guess what I was doing?

I was sleeping, hahahahaha :P
These are some photos after I napped for an hour
I was a bit confused

Wait, my hair

Okay, better

Anyway I'm not selling it here ;)
It's just an entry/ a good excuse to post my daily cam-whoring pictures :P