Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy birthday to my mama!

She is my mum :)

the pink top was a gift from Joan, it was a surprise, coz mum wanted to buy this few days ago

I love her very much, she is the most loveliest person in my heart!
Happy Birthday, my beloved mummy :)
I'm have you as my mother, and I promised I will love you as long as I live. For our next lives, I hope I can be your daughter again, perhaps I can be your mother, to take care of you, and love you more everyday :)

Carnation, from Eling

I bought a cake for mum, it's called "Chocolate Truffles"...still wonder why?

According Lunar Calendar, today is not a good day to have celebrations, that was why we didn't really celebrate it, no candles. Anyway, mum really appreciated all these and she loves the cake that I bought for her! ^^

It looked delicious, and tasted great.

Bought from De Pastry Chef

Last but not least, me in lousy shirt hiding behind, I always wear like this at home, all of my shirts have got some small holes..Beggar style, LOL!

Can't see it? Of course la...I cropped it :P
Maybe I will show you next time, without me in it, hehee!

I love you very much, muacksssss
Happy Birthday mummy!!!