Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

Zhong Chao Jip Fai Lok
Selamat "Hari Jadi Bulan", HAHAHA :P

Happy Mooncake and Lantern Festival! Mee is so happi, happi :D

Today is a very happy day, because we can eat mooncakes 月饼! ^^
It's also known as, FAT CAKE肥饼, ahem, mooncake is very fattening and high calories! For people who has high blood pressure, do eat more if you want to die fast :P Choi! 大吉利是

Anyway, these are some pics of mooncakes, we didn't have the usual mooncake, like lotus seed with single yolk and red bean mooncake this year.

Assorted nuts mooncake
My dad's favourite, I don't like it at all...tasted weird, hahaha

Salted lotus with dried shrimp sambal
New taste

Papaya and chestnut flavoured

Green Tea and Pandan

My favourites, Snow Skin Mooncakes ^^
Kevin bought me this ^^

Lotus, cappuccino, walnuts and pandan flavour...hmmmmmm! Yum yum ^^

From Michell ^^
Vanilla with Tiramisu
Vanilla with Tiramisu

Tropical Paradise
Tropical Paradise

At night,
In my Auntie Saw Kim's place :)

Hmmm...Hue Ru, you should sit like a girl :P

Delicious meals, prepared by my aunt :D


"Hi, I'm Kim Loon"

"Hi, I'm Yun Giu"

"You can't see me you can't see us..."

Miao and Kenki

Today is a very happy day :)))

I would love to thank my dearest one, for helping me in...well, I will tell you tomorrow, Hehee! ^^

Bye Moon :'(