Sunday, September 7, 2008

A lizard with no legs

I saw a very weird insect today, in the balcony...

It looks like a lizard, but with no moved really fast. 
It's brown color, 2 inches long, round head and flat body. 
It's too weird, at first, I thought it's a lizard, but after I observed it for a few minutes (2 meters away), I realized it's not a lizard, and it's really..creepy.

Since it was in the balcony, I just let the glass door ajar and hoped it wouldn't come in, after that I continued doing my stuff. Don't know how many hours later, something near television caught my attention...

The weird thing came in! It stopped right in front of the TV cabinet! Around 1 1/2 meter away from me. I was has got head! There was nobody except me at home, I intended to just ingore it but at the same time I worried it might go to bedroom and sneak into our ears or mouths when we sleep.

Thus, I made a call to my parents. My mum asked me to throw it back to the balcony by using broom. I couldn't...I really hate these kind of creepy creatures, I wouldn't want to kill them, but I can't force myself to like it.

I made up my mind, I took a big red pail from washroom, and I covered it. To be precise, I actually "threw" the pail to the thing, dare not to walk too close to the creature.

I made phone calls to my sisters and brother, told them about the living creature and told them not to remove the pail and let dad handle it.

My curious sister Eling reached home an hour ago, followed by my parents
My dad removed the pail...I screamed and ran far, because I thought my dad would grab it and tease me, like he always does...

"Where is the 'thing'?"dad asked

"It's inside the pail! I covered it with the red pail.."

"No, nothing is inside" dad took a glance at the pail

I peeped and I saw the creature was lying on the floor, 
maybe it's dead because no oxygen??

"What is this?" Mum pointed at the creature and asked

"It's a dried leaf"

Dried leaf?!

How embarrasing....
What's wrong with me?! I was way too sensitive!!

We burst into laughter, I laughed until tears dropped

"Did you wear your glasses just now?
It's a dried leaf"

I snapped a few photos for you to judge, now you tell me...does it look like a living creature from far? It moved fast because of the wind blow



Unknown said...

Um......I think it's a leaf. :P

violetmay said...

No wonder all of my family members laughed at me :'(((