Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Congratulations to my Uncle Tung

Congratulations on his new born baby ^^
His wedding, in case you wanna see more pics of him :)

New born baby

Cute cute ^^

My uncle invited all of our relatives to his home, to celebrate his little darling baby's 1-month-old birthday满月

Photos and photos

Baby Hue Ru was there too! ^^

The 'beer' lady, hahaha

Baby's mum, a.k.a Kelly, my Uncle's wife

Their first child

Lots of presents..

Kong Chai (Di di)! ^^
My favourite boy

Hue Ru, playing with a.e.i.o.u.
She looked cute in that outfit :))

Joan and Hue Ru

Don't know why, there were a lot of babies in the house that night, all adorable and chewable :P

Last picture of the day, can you see me in the picture? :P