Monday, September 8, 2008

MOF - Japanese Sweets and Coffee

Last weekend, I was damned happy.

It's all because of sweets...sweeets....SWEETSSSS
I can't live without SWEETSSSSS :P

My mind is still full of Sweeeets today, I miss MOF very much, I misssssssss Macha Kurian :'(
Before I show you the pictures of sweeeets and myself in MOF, these are photos taken before I stepped out from home.

Sorry..I love self-portrait. 
Know your angle...and nobody will be pork chop :P

I wasn't happy :'(

I wanted to cry

Hmmm...what can you do to make me feel better?

Buy me foods, buy me desserts, I'm easily pleased by good foods and desserts. This is why the scale number will never go down :(

Roughly 2 weeks ago, I went to the Pavilion friend..? I forgot, maybe I was alone. I saw this MOF-Japanese Sweets and Coffee (too bad it was closed)! It made me think of Midori, which is located in Cineleisure, their menu focused on Japanese desserts too. But recently, they have changed their menu and a lot of desserts have been taken out from there. I was disappointed, it used to be my favourite place for desserts :)

I saw a 'replacement', hohooooo ^^

Last Saturday, I went there with Kevin
Ministry of Food

Ooh my goodnessss

Their meeeenuuu

Yessss, yess yessss, I ordered Macha Kurian, RM15.50
Hmmm...about the same price with Midori, acceptable :)

So...what do you think about the decor?
I think it's warm and comfortable :)

The service was quite good, but you need to order at the cashier first, then they will deliver your loved one to you, ah...I meant desserts :P

5 minutes later...

It looked so delicious, I wanted to swallow it all

Love it love it love it love it love it love it

And this is...Macha Latte?
I don't remember names..

This is me with my loved one

I was so happy, touched and I wanted to cry, hahaha!
Nope, actually I just smiled and smiled, I didn't know why I was so happy, maybe the look of the dessert has delighted my day ;)


Hmmm, this doesn't look good, but let me assure you one thing, it's really yummy! ^^
Not too sweet...just right

I feed you a scoop, and you pay by 10 macha kurian, deal?
Only fools will say yes :P

This was why Kevin was sad...thinking
"My god...just one scoop and I must buy her 10 Macha Kurian, shit...this is not a good deal"

You know I'm kidding :P
I'm sure he will buy me more than 10 Macha Kurian, gagagagaga

As a conclusion, MOF serves good desserts which will make you SMILE :)

But cannot go there everyday, boohooo, not cheap ;))
Too bad they don't have membership card, or something like redemption card, e.g. buy 10 and get 1 free, hehee!

I will be back ^^

In the mall, before the movie started

Darling and I

There is a story about this photo...I didn't do this intentionally

Actually...I asked Kevin if my teeth were clean, because I just had desserts earlier. Kevin thought it's funny and decided to take a photo of me...with this 'pose'.


Don't kiss my fit body


I smiled a lot that day... :)
My mood was extremely good, imagine...I'm still wearing a smile on my face when I made this entry :))

So happy together :)

B*stard Robbins, I will come and eat you next time :P
AHEM, should be Baskin-Robbins, hehehee

This photo was taken in front of Baskin Robbins :)

We watched Babylon A.D., midnight show
No cameras are allowed in the cinema,

Who cares? :P

I miss sweets :'(



Unknown said...

Your obsession for desserts is astounding. Really. I'm quite impressed. :)

And I think it's actually the best way to tempt you. Ha! :)

violetmay said...

I thought you knew it.. I'm very in love with desserts ;))

But...not everybody with desserts are welcomed to kidnap me, HAHA :P

Victor Tan said...

MOF would wish to kidnap you for one free meal for two.

Thanks for the great review and just mention VioletVoon at the counter to Nick to redeem your free meal.

P/S: Just so you know our membership system have not 'yet' been implemented but soon you'll get to redeem 1 Macha Kurian for 10. Okei... mebbe not ten. lol =)

Victor Tan
MyMOF Sdn Bhd

Unknown said...

Is really nice to know some one love sweet like me :)
Btw, I went to cineleisure last week and found out that MIDORI IS BACK and with even more variety of Japenese dessert & food,you should go and check it out, yummy yummy....
To be frank, I preffered the way Midori serve their dessert(in a japanese bowl), make me feel more genuine 'japanese feel':P,hee...