Thursday, September 11, 2008

Port Dickson-Part 3

I decided to do my part 3 of Port Dickson trip, too many photos...

This entry consists of 41 photos, be aware ;))
In the evening,

姐弟妹 :)

Meet my cousin sis, Kenke :)
A sweet and young girl

Eling and "Yan Yan" baby, cute name :P

My dad and Yan Yan's dad
By the way, he is uncle, my dad's younger brother


Where is Violet?
Huhuu...I was the cameraman :'(((

My uncle and aunt, they have 3 children, is in Taiwan, got married with a Taiwanese, one just graduated from a Uni in Japan, and don't intend to come back, and another one is in Singapore, ooh well, at least nearer than Taiwan and Japan :))

Group photo! ^^


By the pool side, my sisters and I

Purple sunset, really wonderful, isn't it? :) can't see me :P

My bro, sistas :)
This is what happen when I use flash at night, the background turns to be black color, just like taking photos in the dark :(

Three happpi fellows with glasses on :P

Our resort is by the seaside, city was miles away. The only activity at night was...sleeping.
However, we just got to know from the hoteliers and posters they placed at the lobby, there would be a free show tonight in media room. I the media room looks like

It's actually a small conference room, with a projector :)
We were like "Huh?" We expected at least a bigger room, oh well...better than nothing :P

I laughed looking at this photo :P

The show...
Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars

After the show...

We walked around and took photos

I'm tan, really tan..

Bunny love...

Hahaa, where is the torchlight? :P

Last pic of the day... :)