Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everyday is MOF Day!

Everyday is MOF day!

Yes, I went to MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee (again) last Sunday after Judee's wedding luncheon.

Only if you are interested to know more :)
Last week, there was a man made a comment for the blog I made, guess who he is?
Ngek ngek ngek... :P

The director of MyMOF, Victor Tan :)
p/s: He has a very very happening and interesting blog, lots of hot hoootchimommas, hehehe :P

He is not fat; he is not old
In fact he is thin (ok not as skinny as skeleton), and he is young and cute (LOL! I don't feel like typing this out :P)
Very strange, I thought the boss/director/owner of sweets treats are always fat and old, with very big belly, or something like that. The bosses must be Evil-type, want to make others as fat as them, but obviously I was very wrong, hahaha :P

He appreciated the review that I made, so I got a complimentary Macha Kurian, Ooh my Maa....chaaa.... ......Ku.....rian

The first question crossed my mind was
"God, should I should I?
Should I go and redeem it?"

Doubtlessly, I was extremely happy!
Macha Kurian...soon we will meet each other again :P
why...WHY I'm so tempted to sweets? I hate myself sometimes, no wonder the scale number just wouldn't go down :'(
Hu hu huuu...

Anyway, back to the story, after the wedding luncheon in Flower Drum Banquet, Nicholas and Wai Hoong decided to join me to go to The Pavilion. I asked them

"Do you like sweets?"

"Ooh, I'm on diet but I love sweets" Nich said

"Okay, I'm fine with sweets" Wai Hoong

Gagagaga, so I kidnapped them, asked them to go to MOF with me :P

Well in fact, although I was very happy that I might get a complimentary Macha Kurian that day, but I didn't go there just for the complimentary sweets. I told my friends I "might" get a free dessert, but I wasn't sure if I should REALLY go to redeem it. I'm willing to pay for my loved one, Ah...my macha kurian

I thought...maybe I should go to find Nick and get my yummy sweets, but at the same time I felt kinda embarrassing, paiseh neh :')

The 1st time we passed by the cafe, I didn't see Victor. My friends were too full for sweets, we decided to dine in later.

Around an hour later,

"Let's go to eat desserts"

"Oh sure!" Sure I was very happy with his suggestion

We were about there, well in fact, not far in front of the cafe...I saw Victor. Hahaha, how embarrassing...I actually stood there like a stone, I didn't know what happened to my feet, it just didn't step forward.

"My god, I don't want to eat already, not now" I spoke to myself

"What did you say?"

"Ermm...so do you guys really want to eat sweets right now?"

"Hmmm...yeah, why?"

"Okay..." Something is wrong with my feet, it couldn't move

Hahahaha :')
Guess what, Victor saw us, and said we can browsed through the menu

"No, I'm not going to ask him for a complimentary Macha Kurian, maybe he was kidding, maybe he forgot, maybe he doesn't recognize me? NOOOOO, I'm not going to ask him" I spoke to myself, again

"Ermm, can I redeem my Macha Kurian?"
Holy Cow!!!
The words just slipped out from my mouth, what happened to me? I wanted to bite my tongue! I didn't intend to say that, hahaha! Immediately I felt very embarrassing, wanted to run away (but somehow, I know I looked calm), but of course I didn't run away, my feet were booth glued on the floor. I SWEAR, I've never asked people to treat me ANY meals before, that was why I felt really shy and embarrassing the moment I 'asked' him to give me 'My Macha Kurian" :')

We went in and found ourselves a place to sit, Nich and Wai Hoong browsed through the menu...

"Which one do you want?" I asked

"Macha Kurian" Nich

What about you?"

"Macha Kurian, you said it's nice right?" Wai Hoong


"SO what do you want?" this time, Nich asked me

"Macha Kurian..."

"You don't want to try other desserts?"

"Yes, but maybe next time, I love Macha Kurian"

I asked Wai Hoong to place the order, secretly I hoped Victor forgot about the redemption I just asked (I hated my mouth, lol), because I really didn't do anything or I did 'do' something (I mean the review), but I wrote it from the bottom of my heart, didn't write and hope people will buy me sweets (although this deal is extraordinary attractive!!!) Calm down violet please calm down...someday goldfish uncle will come and buy you sweets :P

"No, you should go,
you want to get your Macha Kurian right?"

"But I don't have money with me" That's a very lame excuse, my butt was very heavy that day

"Okay, we pay you first"

"Aiyaaaa, Okay okay, actually I have some money"

And so and soo...I went to the counter


That's very generous of Victor, he said no need to pay, that means....3 free Macha Kurian?! Huhuuu...that was an exciting news for me, but I insisted I should pay at least for 2 Macha Kurian, but he said let my friends try the sweets, and then I said No, and then he said Never Mind, and then I said Okay Thank You Very Much, and then he Smiled, and then I went back to my seat. (Don't ask me why I didn't insist to pay in the end, I just couldn't tahan (couldn't stand) those auntie-style
"I pay I pay"

"No I pay I pay"
"Nooo, I pay I pay"
"No I pay I pay I pay"
"No, I pay I pay"
....endles I pay you pay story)

And then the LOVELIEST Macha Kurian came to our table
AND Then (Why so many And Then? Stop this!!)

Okay, I wasn't kidding, seriously YES, 3 Macha Kurian, so touched and I wanted to weep, these delicious desserts were actually sitting in front of me, hu huuu...how I wish these 3 were all mine and I could swallow them all in my stomach :P

Trust me, I looked so normal, but actually I was really...don't know how to describe, but grateful :)

This is MINE


Red beansssssssssssssss

See, even Wai Hoong took photos too

For some reasons, I always take photos before I eat my foods (only for beautiful foods), I wouldn't swallow it immediately because I know I will regret after that, MUST take photos first...photos of foods and I myself with my foods :)

I'm all ready to eat :D

Suddenly, Victor came with their best selling dessert :D
I don't know the name, but let me guess...maybe it's called Green Tea soft ice cream with sweet potatoes?

The brown colored one is sweet potatoes :)

Little tips...read before you eat
It was Soooooooooooooo delicious! And and...Wai Hoong ate 4/5 of it, he loves it so much :)

A photo with Victor :)
Blurrr, because I forgot it was in macro mode

Ooh my, I have got very deep cleverage. LOL! Actually that's my hair laaa :P

Take 2 :)
Huhuhu...I'm tanned, and he's pink :'(

It's okay, after all I'm not hot-hoootchimommas, I'm only a mochi-aiyaya, cheeks so fat!

Wei, who asked you to eat my Macha Kurian?!

And you!!!
You thought I didn't see you?

Okay la, I forgive you, I know you love it too :)

Nich and I :)
Check 1, Nich's expression-he's sad
Check 2, I was happy
Check 3, His Macha Kurian, he ate too fast
Check 4, My Macha Kurian was 'nearly' as new as a new one :P
As a conclusion, he was sad because my Macha Kurian is prettier than his Macha Kurian, lol!

2 happy dudes! :D

He's checking the menu, again :D

Finished! :)

Ta! :)

Before I end this entry...I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Victor Tan, you are so kind so cute and so generous :)))
Thank you very much for the Macha Kurian! ^^
I really LOVE IT

p/s: I will bring my mum and sisters next time, and I'll make sure I pay the bill, hehee! :))
p/s/s: I swear I'm not implying anything :)



Unknown said...

MOF again? You have an illness. :)

violetmay said...

Seriously yes, I'm very sick :P

Mike said...

You're plenty hot enough for me, and I think I speak for all of us!