Saturday, September 6, 2008

Port Dickson-Part 2

Hmmm..part 2, not day 2

Our balcony :)

I love my mama ^^

Our room
It's very hard to get a nice room during public holiday, this room costs us RM460. I can stay in a 5-star hotel with this rack rate in Kuala Lumpur.

Me after changing clothes, we wanted to go to beach, but...I didn't bring my swinsuit :'(
Bra, top and bottom...all belongs to my mum

"Never mind, you can wear my bra to the beach, this is a cheap bra, don't wear yours"
Ooh yeah, seawater is dirty...sometimes she buy cheap things just for certain purpose, my brilliant mummy!

Flabby arms Popeye and short Olive :P

That's very considerate of my aunt, she brought a few swimsuits, this belongs to my cousin sister, she didn't join us. Anyway...I didn't wear it, because it doesn't fit well and I only love bikini :P

My cheeks were red, sun burnt


She is my very sweet sister, Eling

We saw a tiny durian on the beach!!! :D

Oh my...we saw a squirrel!

And...a snake.
That was pretty nasty to see a snake lying on the beach, it's not dead.
I saw 2 ropes on the beach, one very long and another one was tinier, I didn't stare at it...Eling and I just walked straight. Suddenly, Joan screamed out loud

"Ah, Snake!!!"

"No, those are ropes." Those are ropes, I was very sure

"NO, it's a snakeeee"

"I don't think there are snakes on beach side, those are ropes"

"No! The tinier one is actually a snakeee!" Joan was frustrated, because all of us, the ice cream man nearby, few people on the beach, Eling and I didn't believe, and we didn't even bother to look at 'it'.

All of us thought Joan was too sensitive, until she got angry with us

"I said it's a snake, it has got head!!"

This time, I still didn't believe...I still thought she was too sensitive. That's impossible, we are not in a jungle, where on earth the snake came from? I looked at her, she was really angry and disappointed, instantly, I took a glance at the ropes...suddenly, one of it moved.

WHAT THE HECK?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?"

I wasn't scared, I only wanted to vomit, people who knows me well know I HATE SNAKES! I was so ANGRY, I wanted to burn the beach and bury the resort! We saw dad on the other side, so I shouted

"Be careful, there is a snake not far, just in front of you!"

My dad was really curious..and damned brave, he approached the snake...wanted to catch it.

My sisters and I was fcuking MAD, especially me
"NO, don't touch it!"

"PA, No!!!"all of us screamed, shouted at my dad.

The ice cream man (man who sells ice cream near the beach) ran away, people around there ran away too, only my dad (he loves to catch insects, reptiles and scare us). At that moment, I was dad just wouldn't listen to us, it's dangerous, what if the snake is poisonous? I have to find a way to attract dad's attention

"Fine, I'm leaving this place, I will take a cab home and all of you just stay in this place and play with snake"

My dad finally heard me, and he knew we were very worried. Thank GOD! We have no idea where the snake came from, perhaps from the trees?

End of the SNAKE story, I hate snake!

Happy times :D

Hahaha, I laughed non stop looking at him...see his hairy belly?
HAHAHAHAHA!!! So cute! :P

Funny combination.. :P

I cropped this photo, because Eling has a nice jump! ^^

She has headache later on, after jumping running on beach under the hot big sun :(

Hmmm..what's my dad doing?

...he wanted to show us something

Oh my, it's a tiny baby crab!!!

My parents :)))
The most loveliest persons on earth!

Heheee, mum thought she found something unique!
Yes...that's unique, a stone with concrete :P

Happy us ^^

Yoga! ^^
Both failed :P

Bunny Joan

Huggable :P

I looked so different from Phuket beach side shots, I didn't wear a dress, because Eling and Joan weren't supportive,
"Why wear dress? Just wear something sporty okay?"
Okie.. :P

They are damned right!
See these pictures...glad I listened to them, hahaha :P

I'm a supergirl!
P/S: I didn't know I'm strong :P

I like Eling's expression, CUTE!

See? I stood with "one and a half feet" :P

She wanted to lift me up too, I'm huge!

Joan's turn!
She wore jeans, hard to lift her up!!

Couldn't take it, hahaha

3 of us, before leaving the beach

On the way to resort, we passed by swimming pool and we saw 2 handsome boys

Take a closer look..ah, actually they are my cousin brothers, LOL :P


At night
we had Flying Fish as our dinner :P



laverew said...


Your "something sporty" clothes fit you very well. I don't see any extra weight on you, you look great!