Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red box Karaoke gathering


Today we have a small gathering in Red Box Karaoke, Sunway Pyramid
Only 4 of us this time, 2 no show cos sick and another one have something up to :'(

It's our XXth elementary school gathering :)

Pardon my pose, I was the one who set timer, not enough time to sit properly ;)

Our room

Branden and Celina

Celina was my best best best friend when we were in Elementary School, we used to go to school and went home together, her aunt and my mum are friends :)
I missed their gathering for several times, really happy to see her again :)

She was so scared, hahaha :P

Branden and I
Aikss...not ready yet

Take 2



It's K time! ^^

Fruit platter

Some foods

Ma Jelly! ^^

well okay, these cakes were not really "yum", but acceptable ;)

Hmm, this one is not bad ;)

All you can eat, sushi :)

Singing singing

This guy...Branden
He sat beside me in school, he always bullied me!
Pulled my hair everyday, huhuu....:'(
Today I 'reminded' him, he said
"Ooh really? No no no, I didn't bully you, I didn't pull your hair.."

HAHAHAHAHA, funny la :P

Actually he is nice and friendly :)

Do I look like this when I'm singing?


A photo before we left

Kevin waited me for a few hours, actually he fetched me to Sunway and waited until my gathering over :)
Thank you sweetheart! ^^
The first thing he said after a few hours was
"You are very beautiful, I must take some photos"

That's very sweet of him :)

Today is a happy day,
goodnight, I shall go to bed, tomorrow is my friend Judee's Big Day ^^



laverew said...

Kevin was right, you are very beautiful......


violetmay said...

Thank you very much for the compliment, Larry :))