Friday, September 5, 2008

Good to be honest

Erm, actually I have something to tell you...

I forgot to shower today

I'm sorry! Glad Eling is in Penang for work, not coming back tonight. If not she will make a very BIG complain about my hair, didn't wash it today, and no, I don't have strong body odor, so you don't have to worry and run away from me :P

I shower every morning before I go to work, but this morning was very cold and I woke up I only washed my face and bangs.

Me, early in the morning, love my round round face please

It was a busy day, 1st, Kevin and I need to go to wisma MCA to buy uniforms. Talking about politics...I'm sorry, I side nobody. Remember? Eating orange doesn't mean you can't eat apples.
Photos in the washroom in Nikko Hotel, LOL!
Okay, I really love the lighting...I don't simply take photos in washrooms, don't misunderstand! :P

Not a natural smile, can't expect me to smile beautifully...
I was in washroom, worried maid will come in anytime, hahaha!

I was a bit regret, make up is good...never mind, I will make-up and go to take photos in the same washroom tomorrow! :P

You know I'm kidding, hehee

After that, lunch in Station Kopitiam! ^^
I don't know what's this called, should be Tom Yam Chicken Rice...

Mine, Tom Yam Fried Rice


It was a rainy day..

Jammed, we hate when this happened

I slept in car, I will never have enough sleep.
And nope...I don't look like this when I sleep, ermm..actually I don't know how I look like when I'm sleeping. See...I don't take photos when I sleep (how to take self-portraits when you are sleeping?), I don't video record myself when I sleep...who do this anyway? Silly!

Why I know I don't usually look like this when I sleep?
" I look like this when I'm sleeping? I look quite beautiful when I sleep"

"Hmmm...a bit"

"A bit? ...does it mean I don't look like this when I sleep?"

"Not exactly.."

SEEE, this man, who doesn't know the "art of LIEs", can't he just say I look like an angel when I'm sleeping?

I don't want to talk to him!

I remember, there was a time...
"Hello Darling, how are you today? I...miss you"

"I'm doing good, just lots of works"

" you miss me?

"I... ...
...I'm sorry sweetheart...I...
I forgot..

I promise I will miss you next time, okay?" he was nervous

Where is my knife? Whyyyyyy?????

Why he doesn't lie?
Anyway, I prefer honest head than sleepy head
P/S: He was really sleeping!

At least, I don't have to sit and watch him sleep for 30 minutes in car, having nothing to do :P

Anyway, don't you think it's sweet to know somebody who doesn't lie at you? :)



laverew said...


Of course when your sleeping you look like an angel but please don't give Kevin to much of a hard time..........I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress I know that you will be the most beautiful woman in the universe that day.........


Mike said...

Hi Violet -

I really like the rainy day picture, very moody. Maybe it's because it's hot and dry here now. :)

Oh, yeah, and I do love your round face!

violetmay said...

Larry :))
I promise you...will post up my wedding photos, but you have got to wai perhaps a year or two :P

Hello Mike!
It's rainy season in Malaysia, hot and wet (I refer to the weather) :P